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Ideal for the angler who wants to keep their trousers clean, this apron-style towel from Drennan comes in an attractive aqua colour. Featuring fully adjustable straps and hardwearing clips, simply clip the Team Drennan Apron Towel around your waist and adjust to your needs. The perfect acces..
  DRENNAN BOILIEPULT CATAPULT   Boiliepults have an extra strong metal frame to handle the extra strong latex that is used to fire boilies long distances..
  DRENNAN BOILIEPULT CATAPULT REPLACEMENT POUCH & ELASTIC   Replacement pouch & elastic to fit the Drennan Boiliepult  ..
    Drennan clip beads slide easily on the line. Act as shock absorbers and allow quick change of bombs, feeders etc.   AVAILABLE IN 4mm ONLY..
    The Feederpult has been around for ages and is probably one of the best catapults ever produced from Drennan. Perfect for loose feeding pellets     AVAILABLE WITH TWO STRENGTHS OF ELASTIC..
  DRENNAN FEEDERPULT CATAPULT REPLACEMENT POUCH & ELASTIC   Replacement pouches & elastic for the Drennan Feederpult catapult..
  DRENNAN GROUNDBAIT CATAPULT   The catapults have high quality elastic, moulded finger grip handles and pouches with a special built in bait cradle   AVAILABLE IN 50/75 YARD SIZES ONLY..
  DRENNAN GROUNDBAIT CATAPULT REPLACEMENT POUCH & ELASTIC   Replacement Pouch & Elastics for the Drennan Groundbait Catapult..
  These quick change connectors are designed to go with the Drennan Flat Method Feeders.   They provide an easy loop to loop slimline joint which slides back inside the body of the in-line feeder every time.   The rubber sleeve semi locks into a central position for se..
There are two catapults in the range, a medium elastic, and light elastic version.   The light elastic is ideal for accurate feeding at short range whilst the medium elastic is ideal for feeding up to 16 metres.   Both come with a small mesh pouch and plastic pull cord allowi..
  Drennan Quick Change Beads are precision made for a perfect fit.   They enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running feeder.   6 beads per pack and available in 2 sizes..
The Quick Snap Swivels come in four sizes, 12 (MINI), 14 (SMALL), 16 (MEDIUM), and 18 (LARGE) and act as an anti-twist device. The larger sizes are ideal for bomb and feeder work whilst the smaller sizes are perfect for pole rigs and float setups. These have also proved popular with sea match ..
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