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ESP Camo Sink Link is a super strong, soft un-coated braided hook link material which takes camouflage to the next level.   Tightly woven with a silky smooth feel and featuring alternating tones of colour which act to break up the outline of the hook link making it really inconspicuous, t..
ESP GHOST FLUOROCARBON   A stiff hooklength that absorbs light and doesn't reflect it like normal line.   Super strong and robust, virtually invisible in water.   A popular material for chod rigs and combi rigs.   AVAILABLE IN 10lb, 12lb, 15lb & 18lb..
ESP Hi Performance Carp Mono is supplied on 1000 metre spools with approximate line gauge in clear canister  It offers the following features:- Natural weed green colour Unrivaled knot strength Advanced resistance to surface damage Low friction soft touch finish ESP Hi Performance C..
The XT of Syncro literally stands for extra tough, indicating that this exceptional monofilament is highly abrasion resistant and durable. The breaking strain is an easily achievable knot strength. However, with carefully tied, mechanically superior knots like the five turn grinner, breaking s..
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