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After two years of testing many different lines Garbolino have finally found the best!   Garbo Line is Japanese made monofilament with a no compromise quality.    Specifically created as a hook length and pole rig line, Garbo Line has an extraordinary high tensile strength..
  The Garbolino baseball caps not only look good, but are also the correct shape to fit your head comfortably.    The long shaped peak ensures excellent vision, even when in direct sunlight.   Available in different material thicknesses, a&..
  Garbolino Method Feeders   Available in Elasticated & In Line versions   3 different sizes available..
1) Place your hookbait into the bottom of the Mould. 2) Fill the Mould with Groundbait. 3) Press the Feeder into the Groundbait. 4) Turn the Mould upside down and waggle the neck of the Feeder until it works loose from the Mould. 5) As it falls clear you will see the hookbait on the ball, Someti..
Dacronnectors are becoming more popular due to the fact that they are the best solution to connect your elastics to your rigs when slapping your rig.    Small is ideal for 2-8 Elastic & Large for 10-20 Elastic.   2 per pack..
Classic 'dibber' style float for carp fishing. Stable robust carbon stems. Ideal for fishing shallow up in the water with baits of all sizes. This type of float is also perfect for margin fishing as their bouyancy reduces the affect of liners.   AVAILABLE IN 0.1g (1 LEFT)..
  This float has a Wire Stem and Cane tip and is ideal for 'Dotting Down' on commercials for finiky bites.   Can also be used on slow moving Rivers and Canals   It is very stable due to the wire stem.   AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZE  4x12 (2 LEFT) - 4x16 ..
    Perfect float for fishing Deep Stillwaters or Deep slow moving Rivers.   Wire Stem and Nylon Bristle - Very Stable   AVAILABLE IN 1.5g ONLY (3 LEFT)..
    This is perfect for Stillwaters and Deep Canals.   Ideal float for Silvers   Perfect pencil float for hemp fishing   AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES  ..
This is the same as the DC13 Float but with a Thicker Bristle   The Pellet Pencil is perfect for F1 style fishing tight to far bank island swims or shallow on the drop.   Designed to create the least resistance for these delicate feeders the float shape promotes perfect bite i..
Identical shape to the DC5 with highly visible plastic antenna and strong carbon stem, the DC14 has a hole through the body for the line which makes it extremely robust having no delicate eye to pull out.    Perfect for fishing tight to margins or islands in the smaller sizes and in ..
Identical to the hugely successful DC6 pattern in every way except this version has a wire stem.   This popular diamond shape makes it the perfect all-round commercial fishery float.    Ideal in the bigger sizes for depths up to 10 feet fishing at full depth and the smalle..
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