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  Manufactured from strong yet lightweight polypropylene, this new accessory box has 4 shelves divided into 14 separate compartments.   Quick release front clips and folding handle.   Dimensions 460 x 282 x 221mm.   RRP £43.00.................................
  A handy accessory box, manufactured from durable lightweight plastic.   Handy for keeping your Swivels, beads, hooklength connectors etc   DIMENSION 91 x 66 x 21mm...
A new range of multi-functional accessory boxes.  Suitable for all aspects of angling.  With folding handles and positive front clasps.   AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES DIMENSIONS 2 TIER - 336 x 198 x 165mm (10 divisions) 3 TIER -370 x 222 x 197mm (17 divisions) 3 T..
  New ultimate rig storage solution.   Complete with two rig boards and pins.   Supplied with six accessory boxes.   Constructed from tough, durable polypropylene.   Dimensions: 345 x 180 x 60mm.   RRP £20.00...............................
  An essential item for all anglers!   Measures 3.1mm x 54mm.   5 TUBES PER PACKET..
A comprehensive range of quality attachment swivels made from quality components.   These will not let you down.     AVAILABLE IN SIZES 18s - 22s   10 PIECES PER PACK..
  An ingenius invention from Maver.   Eliminate the possibility of having your rod pulled in when feeder or method fishing.   By simply placing your rod in the auto-clasp rest when a savage bite occurs the rod will not be pulled off the rest into the lake / river. How..
  Innovative punch with rubber handle. Push plunger head through bait, rotate to cut the hole. Press plunger to push out the middle of the boilie. The bait is now ready for hair rig or pop up.   AVAILABLE IN 6mm ONLY ( 8 LEFT)  ..
  New for 2016 from Maver.   Simple but essential item, this sturdy rest is suitable for cork, duplon and abbreviated rod butts.   Complete with brass screw thread...
Two neat float boxes, manufacture from durable lightweight polypropylene.   Featuring two locking clasps.   Available in two lengths   387mm and 310mm. (width 105mm, depth 40mm). Larger size ideal for big commercial wagglers.  ..
 Floating Candle Inline   Simple inline candle float for all Floating Baits.   AVAILABLE IN LARGE & SMALL   PACK OF 2..
Simple candle float with internal elastic.   Attach to top eye with link swivel.   Attach short hooklength to swivel eye at the nose of the candle.   Used for floating baits.   AVAILABLE IN LARGE & SMALL SIZES   PACK OF 2  ..
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