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  Innovative new bow-tie pellet bands from Maver. Allows hard pellets to be held securely in any position about the hook. Perfect for use on pellet waggler, pole or feeder fishing situations. Available in two sizes - 2mm & 4mm..
Brilliant innovation in bait presentation from Maver.   The Enigma band is a bait band with a difference.   The band can be used as a conventional pellet band by simply stretching the quality silicone material and placing a pellet inside the band, or it can be used pulled thr..
  A clever device that makes tying knotless knot hair rigs simple and ensures hair length is accurately maintained.   Sliding scale for easy adjustment of hair length.   Caters for pellet bands, plain loops and quick stops.   Includes..
  Brilliant on all size hooks.   Especially good on deep hooked eels, for a change you can get your hook back instead of cutting it off.  ..
  This extra long disgorger is simply brilliant on small hooks.   Very effective  ..
  Beautifully made Italian hook wallet designed to accommodate up to 80 hooklengths or rigs. Manufactured in black PVC with Maver logo. Ideal for match or specimen anglers alike. Each contains 4 compressed EVA hook-ups and loop holders. All fold together and fasten shut with Velc..
  Most popular hook tyer in the UK. With a bit of practise you can tie spade end hooks perfectly in just a few seconds - even in the depths of winter when your fingers are numb!  ..
  Effective Micro disgorger for hook sizes from 16s to 26s.  ..
  High quality latex bands that will accommodate a variety of different baits to cover numerous match / pleasure fishing situations.   MVR 'mini' bait bands have a thicker external wall than the 'micro' version allowing for greater stretch to accommodate larger baits.   ..
  Maver’s MVR bait pins are constructed from top quality steel. A simple idea that allows the angler to quickly change baits when fishing a hair rig on a feeder / lead. Suitable for most common baits such as corn, meat, pellets, boilies, etc.   Ten (10) pins per packet...
  New for this coming season, this compact hooklength case is designed to hold 24 colour coded spools which will allow multiple length hooklengths to be stored efficiently.   Comes complete with marker pen & pins   RRP £29.00...........................................
  These tough, durable, super stretchy bands will accommodate a variety of different baits to cover numerous match / pleasure fishing situations.   Approx. 100 pieces per pack.   Available in mini micro and micro sizes...
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