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The new range of Preston Rods for this coming season

These will be one of this years biggest sellers yet again.

  A comprehensive range of rods that are perfect for any commercial fishing as well as natural waters. Seamless actions and high-quality components make them unbeatable value for money.  Perfect for short casts upto around 20-25m, really responsive and a great through action which..
This model has been specifically developed to meet the demands of pellet waggler fishing where shorter casts to features such as islands are a must.   The short 11ft length enables ultimate control of the float during the cast as well as aiding during the netting stage of the fish. &nb..
The 3-10g Supera Float is great for small sliders and traditional fixed wagglers and can be used for a variety of species. It is also an excellent stick float rod for rivers where the soft tip will ensure that you don’t pull out of any small fish. A heavier 13ft 6-18g rod has been desig..
The Carbonactive Supera rod range is the ultimate all round rod range, designed to be used for all types of fishing from natural venues through to commercials. The Carbonactive blank on each model bends seamlessly giving a great fish playing action while retaining superb casting ability. All o..
  The Supera Rod Bands are perfect for storing ready made rods.   These neoprene straps simply wrap around each end of your rod and strap together with velcro straps.   The larger band of the two has an external pocket which has been designed to store ready made feeder..
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